Purees and pastes

All Marwin Brands fruit purees are made of fresh seasonal fruit subjected to quality control since a farm garden. Fruits are checked in the production laboratory for many characteristics: from the appearance, ripeness, mechanical damage, damage by pests and diseases to the physicochemical parameters. Only the raw materials which meet quality standards may be used for production.

The whole process of mashing and grinding products is mechanical, with no addition of chemicals to enhance extraction. Multiple mashing of pulp is what allows attaining uniform consistency without losing all the important minerals and vitamins. Puree undergoes several stages – fermentation, evaporation of excess moisture and passes the primary physical and chemical control. After sterilization and cooling to 20-25 ° C it is placed in the aseptic puree packaging under high pressure and is packed in special barrel each of 200-220. Either batch of product is tested for bacteriological parameters next. Only after a certain period of quarantine for 10 days the puree is ready for realization and production. Expire date of puree in aseptic packaging under the appropriate temperature range is 2 years.

The range of flavors:

On Marwin Brands plant are produced apple, apricot, pear, raspberry, strawberry, plum, peach, quince purees and tomato paste. It is a perfect base for the production of beverages, ketchups, sauces and confectionery.

Applesauce is made of sweet-and-sour and sweet grades of apples. No flavors or preservatives are added.



  • Concentrated apple puree
  • Concentrated peach puree
  • Concentrated apricot puree
  • Concentrated cherry puree
  • Concentrated quince puree
  • Concentrated pear puree
  • Concentrated tomato puree
  • Concentrated strawberry puree
  • Concentrated raspberry puree
  • Concentrated plum puree