Masha and the Bear

Infant juices “Masha and the Bear” are prepared by the original Marwin Brands’ technology developed specifically for baby nutrition from 3 years. The volume ratio of the fruit totals from 35 to 85%. The composition includes only natural ingredients with no artificial sweeteners, thickeners and preservatives.  Vitamins and trace elements required for children’s growth and immunity are carefully preserved due to the ultra-pasteurization method.

For infant juices production are used artesian water which had underwent five degrees of clearing, puree of our  own production and concentrated juices and purees mainly from Uzbekistan as well.

The name of the juice is used under a global license. The right holder is the “Animacord” studio.

It is poured into a convenient multilayer 3D Tetra Pak  packaging  called Tetra Edge, in 200 ml, with drinking straw, the expire date is 1 year.

The range of flavors:

Infant juices “Masha and the Bear” on the market are presented in 5 remarkable tastes:

Apple, apricot, cherry-apple, peach, multifruit.

The juice is dispensed in bright colorful packaging with favorite characters, it is safe, perfectly quenches thirst and is very popular among the children.


  • Apple
  • Apricot
  • Cherry
  • Peach
  • Multifrut