Marwin Brands’ novelty, juice drinks Like! contain up to 35% -20% of natural juice, they are made of our own seasonal raw materials, concentrated purees, juices and artesian water. The water goes through five stages of purification.

It excellently quenches thirst. Expire date counts for 1 year since the bottling date.

The range of flavors:

Refreshing drinks Like! are available in five flavors: apple, apricot-apple, cherry-apple, apple-pear-apricot, apple-plum – cherry and multifruit.

Tastes of Like! were highly appreciated on the market by consumers and enjoy popularity.


  • Apple
  • Apricot-apple
  • Cherry-apple
  • Apple - pear - apricot
  • Apple - plum - cherry
  • Multifruit