Juices and nectars are produced from our own raw materials – pureed seasonal fruits, as well as of natural juice concentrates of production of Uzbekistan and imported concentrates, mainly made in Spain and the Netherlands. All mentioned partnerships involve inspection of the initial components by Marwin Brands.

The water and raw material for reconstitution of juices from concentrate are laboratory tested. Tetra Pak Line is programmed in such a way that the line will not work in case of insufficient sterility of the raw material and non-conformance to certain conditions.

After preparing (reconstitution) step the juice passes through the filter which is cleared from mechanical impurities. Then it is subjected to heating to a high temperature and immediate cooling – an ultra-pasteriuzation process which allows preserving of the highest number of useful substances in the juices.

Then the juices and nectars are dispensed in aseptic multilayer Tetra Pak Gemina leaf packaging. It is the latest development of the TetraPak company which is notable for convenient packaging  top  with inclined opening  allowing comfortable pouring and secure lid.

The product’s expiry date since the bottling date counts for one year.

The range of flavors

All packages of Dena juices always present the full composition of the contents and picture. The sour juices are blended with ingredients for a balanced taste according to the regulations. The entire process of preparation of mixes on Marwin Brands factory is creative – the company’s products often leads in blind tests conducted by supermarkets and points of supply.

Nowadays the Dena  line comprises 15 flavors: they are the berry mix, apple with pulp, grapes, pineapple and apple, peach, apricot, exotic multifruit, cherry -apple, cherry- apple with pulp, black currant with apple, plum- cherry and apple, quince and apple, tomato, orange.


  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Grape-apple
  • Pineapple-apple
  • Tomato
  • Peach-apple
  • Apricot
  • Multifruit
  • Cherry
  • Red Apple
  • Cherry-apple
  • Black currant-apple
  • Plum - cherry - apple
  • Quince-apple
  • Berry mix