About company


The national innovative company Marwin Brands was founded on July 27, 2007 in the ecologically clean area near Tashkent in Uzbekistan. All these ten years of its work the company has been adhering to the following key principles:

Innovativeness – from the very beginning of its activity the Marwin Brands company uses only the advanced technologies of leaders in juice filling equipment producing, Tetra Pak, and in producing puree – CFT Company, sharing their core values, such as protection of food at all stages of processing and human security. The multilayer Tetra Pak packaging  allows the company to keep its products for a long time without using preservatives, and the filling technology with ultra-pasteurization of juices which excludes contact with humans makes the product eminently safe and preserves vitamins, minerals and fruit flavors. The company now uses latest Tetra Pak developments represented by lines A3/ flex and Compact Flex.

The enterprise totals up to 200 jobs.

Quality – control of which is carried out already from the fruit ingathering stage. There is a stable expression among the company’s partners: “An excellent product, as for Marwin Brands» by which they do emphasize the perfection of raw materials. The company’s name has become a peculiar kind of synonym for quality. When it comes to quality, Marwin Brands company is the most demanding and capricious among the fruit suppliers.  Only choice and ecological raw materials conforming to the technical requirements and standards    accepted in the company are used for manufacturing. Such a perfectionism requires additional costs however approach to the matter remains unchanged. The company adheres to the highest level in the scale of “fixed rate”.

Quality control is carried at all stages of manufacturing process – finished products are tested in the test laboratory every 20 minutes.

 Family values – «Marwin Brands will always produce something it can give their own children». This life position accompanies the company through all its activities.  No artificial flavor intensifier or preservatives and anything that can harm a child’s health are used in the production process. Only natural, safe, tasty and healthy materials are used. The company’s mission is to instill a love for healthy lifestyles by using safe food since childhood. As of today, the consumption of juices in Uzbekistan is growing slowly but surely. Marwin Brands company sees its merit in this growth, offering the consumer natural, low-cost, high-quality juices and nectars made mostly of local raw.

The company also keeps a good look-out for ecological programs and innovations focused on environmental protection. For instance, it is a low level of power consumption at high performance. The water for primary treatment (washing) of fruit is used several times, being purified by filters after each usage.

In partners relations Marwin Brands company adheres to the principles of trust, transparency and the win – win parity when all the participants of the marketing chain are the winners and all the parties’ interests are being met, including the interests of the final product consumer. All exported goods are made with the same care and control as the ones for the domestic market.

The Marwin Brands logo depicts a little bird carrying a leaf – a symbol of trust, purity and care. Everything the company has been doing for the past ten years can be described as intellectual activities aimed to improving the life quality.